ONE80 90% VHD Steel Tip Tungsten Dart, Professional


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Established in 2005, ONE80 specialized in supplying the dart market and has experienced producing the highest quality German “handmade darts” for the professional player. The aim of ONE80 is to create the best-perhaps even the Holy ‘Dart’ Grail, incorporating the high quality German technology with the cutting-edge modern production methods and enabling a worldwide supply of the ONE80 dart range.
ONE80 has diversified its production range investing heavily in ‘brand new innovation concepts’. As a result, we are setting new standards within the dart industry and are able to present our brand new Gladiator Dartboard series, Chameleon dart range, R2 Revolution dart range, Intelite Shaft System , Proplast Vice Shaft and Illumina Lighting System in our catalogue and website.
🌈Tough Flights: Measured in 0.3mm, the flights included are almost the thickest available in the market and thus can last for a much longer time. Meticulous designs also give the whole dart a special aesthetic feeling. Unbreakable Alu Shafts: Light-weighted slim shape Alu shafts give the dart exceptional balance. Every shaft comes with an anti-loosening O ring placed around the standard 2BA thread
🔥Flight Protectors: Insert a flight protector at the end of the flight for better protecting the flight from being damaged by the next thrown dart. The flight protectors also help keep the shape of the flight which helps the balance of the dart while flying. Please be noted that they have to be nipped off from the surround of the plastic disk
🏆Barrel Diameter: 6.35mm, Barrel Length: 53mm. Strong Soft Tips: These durable plastic tips are made of superior material with a smoothly transformed shape. They are great for any kind of electronic dartboard. The matt surface is specially designed for helping the dart stick to the dartboard and reducing bounce-outs
🔎One80 is one of the best darts equipment suppliers in the world. This item offers you the most unique and practical combo with astonishingly designed gift packaging with tool kit which will stop the shafts or soft tips keeping loosening in a game, you can use the tool to tighten the shafts and soft tips. You can also get out a broken soft tip in the barrel with the aid of the tool


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