Darts Corner X1069 Thunder | 48 Piece Steel Tip Dart


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Thunder Series steel tip dartsThunder Series steel tip darts

Thunder Series DartsThunder Series Darts

Thunder Series from Darts Corner

The Thunder series is a range of great value dart set packs which are ideal for players of all types. Ranging from a small pack with 2 sets up to larger packs with 4 sets of darts and accessories. Manufactured from high quality brass and including steel tips these dart sets are stylish and durable.

6 12 12 12

Aluminium Stems
6 12 12 12

Nylon Stems
6 12 12 12

Sets of Flights
4 8 8 8

Point Protectors
2 4 4 4

Flight Protectors
16 16

Spare Springs

Sharpening Tool

Dart Tool

We have used our significant experience in the darts industry to put together a pack that provides everything you need to get started or an ideal gift for any darts player.
Manufactured from high quality solid brass with steel tip barrels, durable aluminium and nylon stems and sturdy standard number 2 shape flights.
Set Contents: 12x Steel tip brass barrels; 12x Aluminium Shafts; 12x Spare nylon stems; 8x Sets of 3 flights; 4x Point Protectors
Dart Specification | Tip Material: Steel | Barrel Material: Brass | Barrel Weight: 21g/22g/23g/24g | Length: 57mm | Width: 8.7mm


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