twh TownWarehouse 3 Pack Steel Darts Set 22 Grams


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Darts that fly straight and true. The heavier the dart, the more stable the flight. Our carefully crafted 22g darts slice through the air and the sharp points will stick every time, give maximum performance right from the moment you hit the dart board, which help raise your score in a heartbeat. Everything in a neat storage box where you never run the risk of losing or forgetting anything, in this set you have everything you need. A great value and gift idea. Unbreakable 2BA aluminum shaft Aluminium shafts make our darts much more durable to ensure you enjoy your darts as long as possible. Perfect for friendly and competitive games. Ideal weight each dart weighs-in at a sturdy 22 grams. Allowing beginners to learn and succeed and enabling experts to show their stuff. We want all our dart sets help you aim the bullseye!
🎯 [EASY TO THROW]: TownWarehouse darts allow have an easy to use grip and the aerodynamics allow for the dart to fly true to the board
🎯 [FOR ALL ABILITIES]: From the seasoned professional through to the complete beginner playing their first game, these darts can be used by anyone
🎯 [ALIMINIUM SHAFTS]: Aluminium dart shafts allow for the shafts to remain intact after high levels of wear and tear. It also allows the shaft to be resistant from breaking when dropped on the floor.
🎯 [STYLISH CARRYING CASE]: Darts come in a carry case which allows you to easily assemble, disassemble and transport the darts to and from different locations. The stylish case will also protect the darts from damage when not use in.


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