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Shot Brand ImageShot Brand Image

Trapper Dart SetTrapper Dart Set

Barrel Shape
Tapered Pencil Font Loaded

3/5-Medium 3/5-Medium 4/5-High

Balance Point
Rear Centre Front

90% Tungsten 90% Tungsten 80% Tungsten

Match Weight

were all inwere all in


always a pointalways a point

We’re all in

Shot darts are 100% designed, prototyped, and made in our New Zealand workshop by dartisans. Yup, we’re obsessed. But this end-to-end approach means total control over quality and precision. Every design is a limited edition – with runs as small as 30. As far from mass-produced as we can aim.

The gauntlet

Every dart goes through hell to get to you. Barrel design, CAD, precision CNC machining, milling, grooving, shaping, enrobing in colors, and coatings. Then finessing, pointing, match weighting, checking, and packing. And if it doesn’t make our grade, it doesn’t make your game.

There’s always a point

Every Shot dart weaves a tale. From Māori artist collabs to co-creations with the pros. Our collisions of culture, history, and myth let you unleash your inner Warrior, Shield Maiden or Trailblazer and show your mettle, strategy, and courage under fire. We pen the first few lines, you write your own glorious saga.

steel tip darts dartboards steel tip darts dartboards

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DARTS FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS- This dart set has been designed with a secure grip for beginners but has the durability for dart professionals, so whether you are an experienced darts player or if you are new to the game, these darts will fit the bill. Our darts have clearly defined grip zones, to support high scoring potential and supply fixed reference points along the barrel which will add consistency to your throw.
IMPROVE YOUR TARGETING- Designed for players who want to improve their dart game. This dart set is designed for maximum aerodynamics and tight grouping, engineered at our factory, refined by cutting edge CAD software then tested by dart players for pinpoint accuracy. Each dart runs the gauntlet to bear the Shot Darts name.
MADE IN NEW ZEALAND- Since 1970, Shot Darts dedication is to bring you the best professional and quality darts on the market. 100% SATISFACTION PROMISE-We stand behind the high quality of our products. All Shot Tungsten dart barrels have a lifetime guarantee. When you purchase a 90% Tungsten Dart Set, they are matched weighted by hand at our factory to a tolerance of +/-0.05gm, which means better overall results.
IMPRESSIVE DESIGNS – Our innovative dart designs reflect our commitment to individuality and set us apart from the competitor. Each dart set has its own individually designed dart flights which fit the range theme. Durable dart shafts included, so you are ready to start playing right away. Throwing darts is fun, it’s a game you can play with family or friends, anyone from any age or fitness level can play. Darts make a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s and Mother’s Day.


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