CUESOUL 24 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 90%


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CUESOUL NEW Tungsten Steel-tip Dart Set features: 90% Tungsten barrels, Striped Aluminum shafts, slim flights, 24 Gram (gram weights will vary), Set Includes: 3 darts with spare flights and aluminum shafts.
🏡﹤b﹥ELEVATE YOUR GAME MUCH EASIER! ﹤/b﹥Well Balance, Optimum Grip and Durable Arrows! This top of tungsten darts with aluminum flights saver to make sure consistent throws on every toss! The set of darts with holder that dart flight will not fall, the medium weight darts are easier to master when throwing.
🏡 ﹤b﹥HIGH QUALITY:﹤/b﹥22 Grams 90% Tungsten Barrel,Center Weighted for Easier Controlling. High toughness arrows + flexible flights – Significantly more durable and longer lasting than any other metal dart out there.
🏡﹤b﹥ PACKAGING AND ACCESSORIES ARE SECOND TO NONE﹤/b﹥– common Case + 6 Anodized Aluminum Shafts+6 Slim Flights for the Fast-flying Dartl,Allows the Tail to Stay Low
🏡﹤b﹥ SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST﹤/b﹥ 90-days Guarantee! ALL proudcts of ourwarehouse that offers 90-days Guarantee.


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